How To Stop Excessive Armpit Sweating Fast?

I know i have this really bad habit of sweating out my armpits. I’m 24 years old and i do it all the time, daily or weekly . It’s like an uncontrollable way to sweat that sometimes gets me embarrassed in public places. The worst thing is when i feel like there are sweat marks on my clothes , even if i take off the shirt right away to check… How can I stop sweating so much underarms? (photo) – Answered by a verified Doctor

How long does it take for excessive armpit sweating problems to respond to treatment? (Photo) – Asked by Anonymous

Hi! My name is Asher and I just want everyone who has excessive sweating under their arms, also known as hyperhidrosis, to know that you’re not alone in feeling uncomfortable because of this condition. Back when I was in high school, people would always try putting lotion over their underarms so they wouldn’t look sweaty during class because these things were seen as embarrassing at best and shameful at worst—but despite what society might think about our bodies naturally producing more than enough sweat throughout the day, many still don’t realize how serious hyperhidrosis can be. For those who suffer from this condition but don’t understand its severity until they develop severe symptoms such as excessive body odor or noticeable stains on clothing after every shower, read below: If your skin looks dry and raw then chances are that you may have too little moisture within your skin layer

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