How To Stop Excess Sweating Of The Underarms?

I have been treating my underarms for years with a variety of creams and I can’t figure out why they still sweat so much. The sweating is quite uncomfortable and embarrassing, but the most annoying thing about it is that the smell never seems to fade away. Recently, I started using an anti-perspirant deodorant and noticed that this product also stops the excessive sweating in the underarm area. However, I’m wondering if there are any other ways to treat excess perspiration in your armpits?

Answer: Sweat glands throughout our body produce chemical substances called antiperspirants which keep us from getting wet while we sleep or work or exercise. Although these chemicals do not actually eliminate perspiration entirely (sweating continues), they do prevent moisture from evaporating on exposed skin which would otherwise cause you to be damp all night long! There has been plenty of research done into how effective different types of products are at controlling perspiration; however, because these studies were often short-term and did not use large numbers of subjects (not enough people were studied), we cannot always draw hard conclusions based on their findings alone. It’s important to note that there may be many reasons why certain individuals find particular products more effective than others; therefore you should try several brands until one works well for you.

Shaving probably contributes greatly towards excessive sweating because shaving open pores allows air inside your skin where toxins remain trapped during normal functions such as breathing and digestion (

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