How To Stop Constant Armpit Sweating?

My armpits are always cold and I sweat a lot. even in the winter, they get really wet. Is there some way to stop that?

ANSWER: Before going into details on how to get rid of sweating armpits naturally, let me just say that sweating itself is not a disease but rather a symptom of an underlying condition; believed by many to be due mostly to over-acidity in the body. It’s called hyperhidrosis (or excessive sweating), which is caused by deep seated imbalances within one or more components of your body system (see link below). The most common cause for this problem appears to be metabolic imbalance – too much sugar in the blood stream… if you want specifics on why this may occur read here: Or if you’d like concise information about what you can do about it once it has set in follow these links: http://en.wikipedia….eaking_problem ## Sweating Armpit Symptoms & Causes Of Hyperhidrosis There are several things that could cause excessive underarm perspiration including hormonal issues, anxiety related problems and stress etc… But because all these conditions have different causes, there’s no single cure for them so don’t assume it’s all one thing! However since we often hear

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