How To Stop Bottom Sweating?

When i am sitting on the couch or lying down my bottom sweats, and it is very noticeable. I have tried getting up to take a shower, but that doesn’t seem to help. I still sweat profusely. It seems like if i can just hold out until 8:00pm when everyone else goes home so i don’t see them at school… At this point though it gets really hot in here and co-workers are starting to complain about how cold they feel so now its more than just trying not to be noticed by everyone leaving work….

How do you stop sweating? How long does sweat last without washing clothes? Is there such as thing as anti perspirant for men ? Can someone please give me some tips on how/when is the best time of day too wash your underarms & legs ? What type of deodorant should I use? And what kind works best with your body chemistry?? Some body dryers dont even remove all the sweat from you armpits which makes people think that its ok for them to smell bad!And why won’t my husband let me go back into gym after I quit working out because his nose was telling him something different?!?! Help!! Please!!!

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