How To Stop Balls From Sweating?

” (and hey, if you want to do this for more than 30 seconds at a time, I say go with it!).

I like the idea of using alcohol because alcohol is stable and non-irritating on skin. It also has ingredients that are great for soothing your body after exercise or work outs.

If you don’t have any vodka around, most brands of red wine will work just fine! For even better results I recommend adding some essential oils to your sweat sauna before soaking in the hot bowl. Here are some ideas: Lavender, Chamomile Tea Tree Oil , Peppermint Essential Oil , or Eucalyptus . You can find my favorite brand of essential oil here . If you really want something that is NOT soap based then check out this recipe for an all natural sweat sauna salt which includes herbs such as mint leaves!

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