How To Stop Bad Underarm Sweating?

I sweat alot under my armpits. I can not wear a bra or a dress only a shirt. Have tried everything but nothing works for me how to stop sweating underarms?

Why does this happen? Are the glands in your chest actually absorbing the sweat from your armpit and then going back to your body, or is it just leaking out? I have been able to solve my own problem by using antiperspirant on both of my arms (carefully alternating right and left arm). It gets rid of all of the moisture that collects there but also gives me dry skin like crazy… hopefully this will work for you too! But what if it doesn’t? What do you do then?! Here are some tips: A) Using an antiperspirant containing aluminum chloride, rather than aluminum zirconium, which was previously used as an ingredient in deodorants. Don’t use the stuff sold at drug stores; they don’t contain enough alumina (aluminum oxide), so they don’t prevent sweating properly. B) Never apply more than one anti-perspirant/deodorant product per day – different products can cause irritation with each other C) Antiperspirants should be applied immediately after showering D) Apply antiperspirants underneath clothing whenever possible E) If applying just before bedtime has no effect on increasing perspiration, try changing positions while doing so F ) Finding out why

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