How To Stop Bad Sweating In Underarms?

by Karlie

(Johannesburg, ZA)

I have an oily skin and I sweat a lot. My underarms are very bad now because of the sweating so I would like to know how can I stop this? What should I do??Please help me out.Thank youHi,It is normal for people with oily skins to sweat profusely – but there are some things that will help you reduce your sweating problem:1) Drink lots of water – increase your fluid intake by at least 2L per day2) Avoid eating salty foods as much as possible3) Avoid wearing tight clothes4) Apply anti-perspirant on your armpits (not too often though!)5) Use deodorants6) Wear long sleeved shirts or bandanas7)…and if all these fail… try not to stress yourself8). Keep cool!

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