How To Stop Armpit Sweating Naturally?

I have a problem with the sweat from my armpits. I am a guy and not used to women sweating so much, but when i get home after work it’s like someone turned on the furnace! I guess since there is no deodorant for guys, this is what girls use…not very effective. Anyways, every morning i wake up to wet underarms – even in summer (in February). What can i do?

If you are having issues with excessive perspiration then our recommendation would be that you look into the possibility of an adrenal gland issue or any other underlying medical condition that may be causing excess sweating. If both your doctor and naturopathic doctor agree that neither of these conditions apply then this could potentially be an allergy/skin sensitivity or perhaps something else altogether such as food sensitivities where certain foods trigger chronic inflammation in your body which results in excessive heat production which manifests itself through sweaty skin. An excellent resource for information about food allergies can be found at If none of these options works well enough for you than we recommend considering one yourself by following some general guidelines: 1) Avoid all hormonal birth control methods including estrogen therapy 2) Remove gluten from your diet 3) Practice healthy sleep hygiene 4) Include more whole foods into your diet 5) Check out resources offered by naturopaths 6) Take time out each day to practice mindfulness meditation e-book 7 ) Get tested if any of

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