How To Stop Armpit Sweating For Guys?

I sweat in my armpits and I would like to stop it. It’s embarrassing but I just hope you can help me how to stop sweating in the armpit for guys?

How do i get rid of annoying underarm perspiration when exercising?

i have been using deodorant regularly since mid-july, but now an irritating odor has started to appear (even after washing) which is making exercise very uncomfortable especially when wearing tight fitting clothes; e.g., cycling shorts. i use a liquid antiperspirant or paste for this reason, but they don’t seem to be helping at all: the smell seems to pervade even clothing that has not come into contact with it (e.g., socks). i’ve tried rewashing several times; still there’s that obvious “new” smell/taste on everything! what could it be? thanks so much! [email protected] s & # xxxxxx

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