How To Stop Arm Pit Sweating?

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How to Stop Sweating Under Arms (Under Tummy) Home Remedies and Solutions … How to Get Rid of Arm Sweat. I was suffering from arm sweat problem for a couple of years now..i tried every trick in the book..but could not seem to get rid of it… can anyone help me? 😀 how to make an apple pie recipe without apples What is the best way and what would be your recommendations for someone who has excessive underarm sweating? The main part of my story: So, this last evening, after work i went home and relaxed on the couch with a glass or two wine. At one point during that night, I realized that there was sweat coming out from under my arms! It wasn’t even sweaty at all – just wet. And not only did it come out slowly but also came down towards my stomach area as well which seems weird because normally if you have any kind of body fluid issue its always up above where you could feel it dripping off but this time im telling you its extremely noticeable and really gross too because there was dried blood around my armpits as well! Best Answer: Try pressing your elbow into something firm for half an hour then let go. You should see some effect within 24 hours depending on how much water build-up you have inside your body. Do this three times daily unless otherwise instructed by medical professional.

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