How To Reduce Sweating When Exercising?

Some people are more prone to sweating, others less. Some people sweat more through the palms of their hands and some through the soles of their feet. It depends on your personality, genes or other factors. If you are someone who sweats a lot when exercising, this is not an issue! However if it is too much for you then read on…

Unwanted Sweating – what causes excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating can be caused by many different reasons but one of the main two that come to mind with regards to exercise-related sweaty feet are: dehydration & hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm gland activity). Dehydration occurs when our bodies do not receive enough water during exercise causing us to become dehydrated which leads to increased heat production in the body which results in excess perspiration. Hyperhidrosis means having too much sweat glands so they produce excess sweat leading to unwanted sweating during exercise conditions where we would normally wish no sweated at all! So let’s look at how these can help each other out!!

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