How To Reduce Sweating Of Armpits?

How do I get rid of the sweat in my armpits?

There are two ways to reduce sweating under your arms. The first one is not getting sweaty in the first place, but it’s pretty hard to avoid this when you need to wear a suit or dress regularly for work or any other situation that requires you to be dressed up. However, there are some things that you can do even if you don’t want to go completely without comfortable clothes. For example, wearing an undershirt with arm holes will help keep your upper body cooler and prevent sweat from being absorbed by your shirt underneath. You could also wear an alternative undershirt on top of another shirt so that less skin is exposed at once. If all else fails, try using deodorant sprays instead of perfume sprays since they won’t affect how much perspiration occurs naturally on your skin anyway! Another way of reducing sweating under the arms is with anti-perspirants for women or antiperspirants for men which have been specially designed specifically for these areas since they contain ingredients capable of blocking the pores effectively while still allowing users freedom from odor and wetness associated with excessive perspiration under clothing without having an unnatural scent attached to their bodies like some kinds can do; however many people find them too harsh after extended use causing irritation on sensitive areas such as the underarms area (1). You might be interested in taking a look at DeoWipe Strips (

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