How To Reduce Sweating Feet?

Although it may not be obvious, the sweat glands on the skin produce perspiration. By far, over 90% of body heat is produced by this mechanism. Perspiration can be removed from the body through evaporation or if too much liquid builds up to cause discomfort these sweat glands are stimulated to release moisture through exhalation. The ability to regulate this process allows for higher levels of activity without overheating but also enables people who experience high levels of sweating due to illness (such as diabetes) or medication (such as antiperspirants) to reduce their overall production and thus reduce discomfort.

How do I know that I suffer with Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is often first noticed when excessive sweating appears during daily activities such as exercise, sport and social life where you feel self-conscious about your condition even though no visible change has occurred in your appearance. This leads many sufferers into embarrassment which further fuels their anxiety at what they perceive will occur if others notice their condition; ie: becoming more anxious about other people’s reactions because they have become aware that something is not “normal”! When under stress sweaty palms appear, accompanied by an increase in heart rate and breathing rate – often described as being shortness of breath coupled with a sensation of drowning –which results in increased muscle tension making it difficult for you to relax even while lying down so finding relaxation anywhere becomes impossible! This may lead some hyperhidrosis patients into depression which again

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