How To Reduce Sweating During Exercise?

I was wondering if you could tell me how to reduce sweating during exercise. I just started training and am trying to figure out what works best for me. Thanks!

Answer: Sweating takes place whether we work out or not and is a normal process that occurs when our bodies heat up which helps keep us cool. If it’s excessive, though, then maybe you need to do some aerobic exercises in addition to the weight training/aerobic cardio workouts because aerobics increases your body temperature by raising both heart rate and blood pressure (which can result in increased sweating). The good news is that exercising doesn’t have to make it worse; sometimes taking a break from working out will help you get rid of excess sweat faster. That’s why many people choose swimming as their form of aerobic workout since water has a cooling effect on the body – although this still won’t solve the problem entirely unless you’re doing something like yoga or Pilates in addition…or even better yet – simply going cold turkey so long as there are no underlying medical issues with your glands or organs involved with regulating perspiration levels….it’ll be hard but worth it in the end!

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