How To Quit Sweating?

how to quit sweating? I want to know how can i stop sweating ?I’m very hot and uncomfortable, not only the perspiration but also my body feels like it’s burning. My friends tell me that it’s related with menopause ,and some say if I don’t care about this problem then they’ll give me tablets or special teas for stopping perspiration;while others think that is because of my age (57 years old).I’d appreciate any advice! Thanks so much. Answer: If you are having problems with excessive sweating, there are many things you can do which will help to reduce your sweat production. As a first step, try daily application of an antiperspirant/deodorant under your arms on both sides of the breast bone area . This prevents excess skin oils from being absorbed into the blood stream causing more perspiration. Secondly ,try reducing or eliminating caffeine intake as well as certain other foods such as dairy products which have been shown in clinical studies to increase sweat production by up to 60% ! Also avoid tobacco smoking since nicotine has been shown in some studies “to stimulate increased sweat secretion.” I hope this helps answer your question . Good luck.. Bill Withers

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