How To Prevent Yourself From Sweating?

First, do not go indoors. Second, if you are inside after 10 p.m., get to higher floor levels with better ventilation. If possible avoid watering the plants in your home or office as this will lead to humidity and increase your risk of sweating. Lastly, wear light cotton clothes while at work/school and change into heavy ones when leaving for home (if weather permits).

How can I control my body odor?

There are several ways that people deal with their sweat problem: controlling it through medicine or exercise; spraying deodorant on their armpits; using antiperspirants; wearing dark colored clothing; staying away from other people’s odors; wearing perfumes/colognes, etc… There is no one method that works for everyone all the time but some methods help you manage your condition better than others until something else comes along which causes the issue again. Be open-minded about what works best for YOU! Remember to take care of yourself by exercising regularly and eating right & drink lots of water throughout the day!

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