How To Prevent Your Back From Sweating?

The best way to prevent your back from sweating is by keeping it dry. The sweat glands in the skin will only work when they are stimulated by moisture. If you want to keep your back sweat-free, use a deodorant/anti-perspirant that contains active ingredients like aluminum chloride or zinc oxide. These chemicals help block the binding site of the sweat gland so that there aren’t enough receptors available for them to stimulate for their secretion of sweat into body fluids.

How do I get rid of armpit odor?

To get rid of armpit odor, mix 1 tbsp tea tree oil with 1 cup rubbing alcohol and wipe underarms with this mixture at least twice daily (or as often as necessary). This works quickly since it removes dead skin cells which commonly cause an unpleasant smell. Wash hands afterwards because tea tree oil can be extremely irritating if rubbed on bare skin!

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