How To Prevent Underarm Sweating?

Underarm sweating is common and, in many cases, the sweat produced by underarm glands is normal. Simple measures such as using antiperspirants can help reduce sweating in this area of the body. These products contain a compound called aluminum chloride that binds to sweat-producing glands in your armpits causing them not to work properly. You may notice that you do not perspire much at all when wearing these products because they effectively ‘mask’ your natural scent from people around you! But keep in mind that when combined with good hygiene practices (e.g., regular bathing) and healthy lifestyle habits (e.g., eating well), these compounds can be quite effective at preventing excessive sweat production and odor problems associated with sweaty feet or underarms.[1]

If you have an overactive underarm gland then it may be necessary to surgically remove some of your armpit skin because it has become swollen and inflamed due to continued inflammation caused by the overactive secretion of sebaceous secretions from these enlarged glands.[2]

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