How To Prevent Underarm Sweating And Odor?

Many of us have experienced that underarm sweating and odor is a problem for most women. While the sweat itself is not dangerous, it often smells bad. This can be embarrassing especially if you are going out with your friends or family members. In addition to this, some people feel uncomfortable when they sense an unpleasant smell during their daily activities. To get rid of these problems, there are ways on how to prevent underarm sweating and odor from occurring in the first place:

1) Avoid wearing tight clothes around your armpits since these will make you sweat more quicker thus creating more smelly clogs in your skin pores. If possible opt for loose-fitting clothing such as cotton shirts which allows air circulation through your body thus preventing sweaty stench from being absorbed into your overall body composition [1].

2) Wash yourself regularly especially after exercising [2]. You should also use a deodorant/antiperspirant containing aluminum compounds since this ingredient helps remove wetness faster by forming a barrier over the skin pores thereby stopping excessive sweating [3].

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