How To Prevent Sweating While Sleeping?

We’ve all heard that the best way to avoid sweating while sleeping is keeping your room cool. It’s true that you can keep your bedroom cooler in the summer, but there are other ways to prevent yourself from sweating during sleep. To help with this problem I have put together a simple few steps on how to stop excessive perspiration when you are asleep.

The first thing you need is something called an anti-perspirant or deodorant for sensitive skin which will neutralise odor causing bacteria and reduce sweat production by up to 99%. This is especially important if you suffer from menopause or have an underactive thyroid gland as these conditions can cause excessive perspiration at night resulting in sleepless nights. I use Dove Sensitive Care Daily Protection Cream which costs about $30 per year but lasts for 12 months so it is well worth the investment of my sleep not being ruined!

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