How To Prevent Sweating Underarms?

The treatments for underarm sweating include:

Castor oil packs.This technique involves a hot pack of castor oil, which is applied to the armpit for a few minutes and then removed. It can be done once or twice daily, depending upon how bad your sweat problem has been. Some people use it also on areas other than their armpits, such as stains on clothing that get into the armpit area from sweating through towels or fabrics…to prevent them from reappearing by using this technique too often will cause burning in these other areas! I have found that when used sparingly (one time per week), it really helps keep my skin clear and dry! Castor oil is very inexpensive and easy to find at drugstores in bulk bottles; just ask where you can buy one without getting ripped off!! 40% strength works best for me because I tend not to tolerate much stronger oils well-but starting with 30% should work okay if needed too. You’ll need about 3 ounces total of castor oil (1/2 cup) so don’t forget the measuring spoon! Put this directly onto your skin right after showering when nobody else will see you do it . It WILL stain clothing though unless you wear white cotton undershirts underneath anything made out of synthetic materials like nylon or polyester (and even then there are some colors that won’t show up). Use only natural fibers like cotton if possible, but it

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