How To Prevent Sweating Too Much?

The best way to prevent sweating too much is by selecting the right garment. For example, some people sweat more when they are wearing cotton clothes, while others work better in polyester. The type of clothing you wear will depend on how often you sweat and what your natural tendency is for sweating more or less.

What are some other ways to reduce excessive sweating?

There are many different things that can be done to reduce excessive sweating:

· Drink plenty of water throughout the day (8-10 glasses). This will help keep your skin moist and cool. Many people who have excess perspiration believe their problem comes from dehydration caused by not drinking enough water during the day; however most experts now agree this is just a myth!

· Exercise regularly but do so within your ability level – don’t push yourself into an activity that causes pain or injury with overtraining syndrome (see Chapter 17 about sports injuries). If you find yourself getting out of breath whilst doing simple exercises like walking up stairs then it may also be time to take a break from exercise until your condition improves further (see Chapter 17 about sports injuries). A simple test which helps determine if you need rest periods during training is pictured above showing someone exercising with no breaks between sets. If at any point during exercise or training sessions it feels like there’s too much weight being lifted then stop immediately as this indicates overtraining syndrome (seeChapter 17about sports injuries) where fatigue takes over leading to loss of fitness

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