How To Prevent Over Sweating?

(NaturalNews) We all sweat, but some people just over-sweat. Whether it’s excessive sweating in the armpits or at other areas of the body, or persistent hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating — also known as “hyperhidrosis” — is when someone sweats so much they can’t go outside without an umbrella), this condition is typically caused by nerves that are sending signals to the brain that say “I’m hot!”But there are ways for sufferers to learn how to control their excessive perspiration. Here are five tips:1 – Drink water throughout the day2 – Reduce salt intake3 – Take a shower every morning4 – Don’t wear tight clothes5 – Wear loose clothingThis information has been taken from an article on WebMD . To find out more about preventing hyperhydrosis , visit here

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