How To Prevent Feet From Sweating?

The truth is, feet can sweat in any warm weather. But there are ways to prevent excessive sweating so it doesn’t get out of control.

Risk Factors That Increase Your Risk of Excessive Sweating

Several factors increase your risk of having sweaty feet:• You’re overweight or obese (extra fat around the thighs and waist increases clothing-related foot problems). The extra weight may cause excess sweating in some areas, but not others. If you’re overweight, ask your doctor about prescription medicines that help with weight loss before considering surgery for varicose veins or other procedures designed to reduce excess body fat. And keep in mind that most people who lose weight through dieting end up gaining it back because they don’t exercise enough to maintain their new slimline figures; if you do gain the weight back again within one year, chances are good you’ll regain your former self anyway! (See chapter 6 for more information on losing obesity.)

• You have diabetes (sweaty feet occur at increased frequency when blood sugar levels rise too high after eating certain foods). Diabetic patients should avoid salty foods like chips and pretzels that contribute salt directly into the bloodstream; instead they should eat unsalted fruits and vegetables often. People with diabetes also need to check their blood sugars more frequently so they can quickly correct a problem if necessary. Both diabetics and nondiabetics sometimes have an allergic reaction called urticaria—red splot

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