How To Prevent Feet From Sweating In Shoes?

The only way to stop feet from sweating in shoes is by applying antiperspirant/deodorants, according to the Mayo Clinic.

#6. Some people have sensitive skin and it causes rashes when they wear certain types of socks or clothing teamed with other materials that can cause irritation on the body.

Some people are extremely sensitive to substances such as wool socks, rayon fibers, synthetic fiber blends (a type of polyester), cotton-polyester blend fabrics, silk or nylon; you name it! These materials will irritate your skin if worn long enough. The list goes on and on for all different types of clothing like woven fabrics like denim jeans, khakis or corduroys; pajama pants; nylon/spandex material; elastic bandages etc., etc.. You get where I’m going? If you’re prone to getting a rash when wearing any kind of fabric then avoid wearing anything made out of these materials while sleeping at night unless you want your skin soreā€¦so don’t sleep in them!. It’s also important that you wash bedding often especially sheets because many times sweat gets trapped there which could lead to an infection later down the road. Wash laundry daily using hot water preferably along with detergent products sold separately for specific things like dryer sheets (don’t forget about those!). Lastly use natural soaps instead of anti-bacterial soaps because they contain chemicals that may do more harm than good over time! Make

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