How To Prevent Facial Sweating?

Answered by: Dr. Harish Shetty | Consultant Dermatologist, Erosion Physician London

Q1. I have noticed that my hairline is developing a white spot on it now and recently started sweating profusely? What causes this?

A1. It seems to be hereditary as I also have the same problem in my son’s side of family – where are you from Answered by: Dr. Rajesh Khurana | Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Apollo Hospital New Delhi

Q2. I am 36 years old & having very red cheeks which is causing me embarrassment every single time i see people or meet them for first timewhat can i do to prevent them from perspiring so much no matter how hot the weather may be ?is there any product available at home to buy ? what would u recommend (must haves)? ansursed by: Ayesha Tariq | 27 yrs old – Karachi , Pakistan

Q3 Can excessive sweating cause acne breakouts on skin? Is there an easy way for someone with oily skin like mine not to sweat underarms excessively but still let’s some moisture (deodorant) into their armpits without staining themselves? Answered by: Dr Sushil Kumar Doshi | Head And Neck Surgeon Mumbai

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