How To Prevent Excessive Sweating Under Armpits?

Sweating under the armpits is caused by an accumulation of sweat in the area. Sweat accumulates because it’s hotter there than in other parts of your body, and it needs to be evaporated through your skin. It also happens when you are feeling nervous or anxious, which increases adrenaline levels.

Avoid sweating by choosing clothes that manage moisture well, such as cotton and silk (which wick sweat away from the skin), and don’t make you feel sticky or clammy: avoid wearing tight-fitting fabrics while training out of doors; opt for loose-fitting clothing while working at a desk; and take off sweaters before going to bed if they make you too hot (even though cotton fibers may absorb moisture). Wear light fabrics such as linen on hot days or during humid weather—without underwear! If you do end up getting sweaty anyway, try applying some antiperspirant deodorant cream instead of using antiperspirants with aluminum salts that can cause damage to your pits. Another alternative is taking apple cider vinegar internally: research has shown that 200 milliliters per day reduces excessive sweating.

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