How To Prevent Excessive Sweating From The Head?

The sweat glands are located in the axilla, under the arm. They are small bumps of tissue that produce a local secretion of sodium chloride (salt) and other substances. These secretions give off vapors which help to prevent water evaporation from the skin surface while strengthening it by replacing lost salts. The sweat contains some antiseptics which protect the skin against infection, but also have a cooling effect on it. This is why one should avoid wearing too-tight shirts or clothes when perspiring heavily, since they will increase heat production due to enhanced volume movement of air through the lungs and chest cavity. When sweating excessively or profusely one can develop an inflammatory reaction with swelling around these glands, often accompanied by rashes on the area where they lie; this condition is called hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). There may be no obvious cause for this condition; however there may be underlying medical conditions like:

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