How To Prevent Excessive Head Sweating?

1. Keep your head cool and dry, especially in hot weather. This will reduce the area of your skin over which sweat is leaving to evaporate and so increase its capacity for absorbing heat from the air around you. You can do this by:

a) Wearing a hat or cap in hot climates when not wearing glasses; b) Avoiding high-velocity breezes such as those created by windscreen wipers when cycling; c) When exercising, drinking plenty of water before hand and during exercise (keeping hydrated); d) Using antiperspirants to prevent excessive sweating under arms; e) Drinking tea, eating something salty before going out after dark can help keep you cool if it’s warm enough for there not to be much breeze on the way home (or at least preventing excess sweating).

2. Reduce stress levels – try some relaxation exercises like yoga or tai chi where you move slowly with awareness of how breathing affects movement – these are great ways to relax but don’t forget that they’re just one element towards reducing stress levels!

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