How To Prevent Excessive Armpit Sweating?

Possible Causes of Excessive Armpit Sweating:

Excessive sweating occurs because the body tries to regulate its temperature. When you are exposed to extreme heat or cold, sweating helps your body maintain a constant temperature. It is important that excessive sweating does not occur when exercising too vigorously in hot weather for example.

When a person sweats, they may experience itchy skin and irritation from underarm hair. While these symptoms usually go away after a few days, excessive sweat can make one feel uncomfortable and may cause rashes on the armpits and other areas of the body. There are also conditions such as hyperhidrosis(excess perspiration) which will affect people who have this condition due to genetics or another health problem such as diabetes leading to poor control over their perspiration levels.

In order for someone with excess perspiration problems due to hyperhidrosis (most common form being axillary hyperhidrosis), there should be two kinds of treatments available: 1) Over-the-counter products designed specifically for treating excessive sweating 2) Medication prescribed by doctor in proper dosage based on medical history and physical exam If you have tried both types of treatment above without any improvement in results then going through an evaluation by physician is advised where appropriate tests such as pulse oximetry (measurement blood oxygen saturation level using finger), pH paper strip testing etc will be done under physician’s supervision . Your doctor may prescribe medication like antiperspirants containing aluminum

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