How To Prevent Chocolate From Sweating?

Chocolate can sweat, but it is a rare occurrence. Chocolate with high cocoa butter content does not typically sweat in the same way as chocolate with little to no cocoa butter content. It’s a good idea to keep your chocolate at room temperature in a dry environment so that it doesn’t get too humid and begin sweating or molding in on itself. This is only an issue if you have some chocolate that has gotten moist after opening, though! If this were to happen, you should remove any excess moisture from the container before storing again for later serving.

How do I store my melted chocolates?

Melted chocolates are best kept refrigerated between uses for maximum freshness. Keep them covered up when they are being stored so they don’t absorb all of the humidity from whatever environment they are being kept in (your refrigerator or cupboard). A small dish of water underneath each block will help prevent it from getting too soft while still allowing some air circulation around it

How long can I keep melted chocolate? How do I know how much leftovers there may be?

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