How To Prevent Armpit Sweating?


Answered by Dr. Rajiv Khandelwal When you sweat it is because your body needs to cool down or get rid of excess heat, this is why your armpits sweat when you work out or run for a long period of time. However, there are different kinds of sweat glands in the armpit and only some may be active while others remain dormant . This means that if one gland gets blocked then other glands will take over and produce too much perspiration which can lead to excessive sweating underarms . The most common reason behind excessive sweating underarm is an infection like bacterial infection. It could also be due to certain medications like steroid injections, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) etc., There are several ways to help prevent excessive sweating in the underarm area : 1). Try using antiperspirant in order to dry up the skin pores so less perspiration comes out 2). Wash with mild soap regularly 3). Wear loose fitting cotton undershirt instead of tight fitted shirts 4). Select light coloured or white clothes 5). Avoid wearing heavy sweaters 6). Use anti-perspirants 7 ). Opt for fragrance free deodorants where possible 8 ) Wear sleepwear made from soft materials 9) Change underwear every two hours 10) Apply ice packs on affected areas 11) Wear compression gloves 12) Get regular massage 13) Exercises 14 ). Eat well 15).”I have really sensitive skin around my armpits but I do not know how?” “

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