How To Overcome Nervous Sweating?

My problem is that I sweat quite a lot, especially when stressed. How can I overcome this?


This is not an uncommon problem these days for most people. You probably have noticed that your hands will often get sweaty or moist during the day on hot days and you may also notice that your palms might be sticky at times on cold winter mornings. It’s all part of being human! The reason why your hands are sometimes damp or sticky with sweat is because of all the tiny glands in them which produce moisture through perspiration to keep you cool.

But it’s more than just sweating – some people feel their skin becoming clammy, mottled or tingling as well as sweating profusely, others find themselves panting like dogs even though they aren’t exercising and yet others suffer from nervous sweats (“hot flashes”) such as night sweats (sweats occurring at night) and early morning sweats (sweats occurring before getting out of bed). All these conditions/symptoms are due to excessive nerve activity in various regions of the body triggered by anxiety experienced by many people today throughout their lives.

Aside from this common symptom there can also be other symptoms too such as feeling anxious about something else unrelated to the trigger event itself i.e.; worrying whether you’ll become ill etc., irritability, inability to concentrate etc.. Anxiety related symptoms can come in many forms but one way to deal with them would be keeping yourself busy so that when

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