How To Make Your Bum Stop Sweating?

Before you start spreading your thighs apart like a pigeon, it is essential to know the reasons why sweating on your bum happens. There are four main reasons. They are:

1) Demodex-Contagion;

2) Migrating Tumors;

3) Neurological Problems; and 4) Endocrine Disorders (which includes Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

The first reason that causes perspiration in the buttocks is DEMODEX – CONTAGION, which occurs when skin parasites called demodex mites attach themselves to areas of skin that have been previously inflamed or damaged by bacteria or other infection. This can happen in any area of the body including underarms, legs and feet but it most commonly affects armpits and genitals including genitalia, anus/rectal cleft and perineum (the small ring of muscles around rectum at base of penis). The cause for this condition may be from poor hygiene leading to bacterial infections such as thrush/yeast infection inside nostrils or mouth where they will eventually find their way out through nose pores onto surface of hands which then finds its way into armpit or groin area via hair follicles resulting in an inflammatory reaction thus causing a sore red spot that will itch very intensely until scratched open by fingernail which goes straight into an opening full with yeast spores deep down inside the hair follicle thus creating a perfect environment for demodex mites to thrive

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