How To Make Your Armpits Stop Sweating So Much?

8:30 pm. You take a shower and try to wash off the sweat, but it’s not working. Maybe you should just wear deodorant?

9:00 pm. You check your phone, hoping that there is some news about an international crisis that has been resolved or at least postponed for another day. There isn’t – so you start watching TV – maybe PBS? – because what else can you do except watch The Big Bang Theory reruns again until tomorrow morning without taking a nap and wasting time?

10:30 pm. It must be nearly bedtime…but why does everything feel so heavy and slow tonight?! Do people actually stay awake past 10 p.m.? What are they doing up this late??? Why don’t I have any friends who want to hang out with me anymore??? Ugh! Naptime beckons! And then the inevitable happens….you fall asleep before you can turn off your computer! In frustration, every site seems to crash faster than usual as well as all of those annoying pop-up ads!!! Is it going to happen all weekend??!!

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