How To Make Your Armpit Stop Sweating?

Armpit sweat smells like BO, but if you want to get rid of armpit odor that is caused by bacteria then natural home remedies are the best way. Check these out:

First things first– if your armpits smell bad it’s not just you. That’s because sweat does have an odor and it also contains bacteria which can cause nasty odors in people who do not wash their underarms properly.

This is why most women choose feminine hygiene sprays over deodorants when they need to combat body odor during their periods or after a workout session. So how do you make sure this doesn’t happen? Great question! Read on to find out more about 4 ways to use essential oils for armpit sweating relief…or should I say, “How NOT TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS FOR ARMPIT SWEATING RELIEF!”

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