How To Keep Your Underarms From Sweating?

Underarm sweat is a common problem that can make you feel uncomfortable, especially when it’s really hot. Here are some tips to help keep your underarms dry and fresh.

1) Wash Under Arms Daily – Even if you don’t have any problems with sweat, washing under arms daily will prevent bacteria from building up in the skin pores. Bacteria causes odor and irritation of the skin so regular cleansing will prevent this condition. Use anti-bacterial soap or antibacterial lotion on your armpits after showering at least twice weekly for best results.

2) Wear A Chin Strap When Doing Housework – If you use a vacuum cleaner, try using a chin strap instead of tying your hair back like normal to minimize sweating around face area (underarm). Chin strapping also prevents dust from getting into facial crevices which could lead to acne breakouts!

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