How To Keep Your Hands From Sweating While Gaming?

My hands sweat a lot. I have tried many ways to keep my hands from sweating, and none seem to work particularly well. Here are a few I use:

Keep your laptop in a box nearby but not on top of you while gaming. This reduces the amount of heat coming off the computer when it is sitting under you instead of being in front of you. Place an old towel over your keyboard so that no moisture can get into the keys when using them for extended periods of time during games or typing out articles at home or work. Run your keyboard with its anti-static feature to prevent dust from getting onto it and causing problems with performance later on down the road. If possible, don’t leave any items near your computer while playing games! Make sure all cables are away from anything they might be connected too – this means putting all power strips far away from where the cables go so that there is enough space between them for air circulation around everything else as well!

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