How To Keep Your Hands From Sweating When Playing Video Games?

There are many things that can cause sweat on your hands including how much you play, the type of game and other factors. The best way to keep your palms dry is to take frequent breaks while playing games. Do this by standing up or walking around every 15 minutes or so if possible, but don’t go too far away from the screen. If you do become too hot, stop immediately and try to get some air moving through your body before continuing play. Also make sure you avoid anything that may be triggering an allergic reaction like citrus-based cleaners or perfume; these can trigger known allergens which could put you at risk for a more serious illness like anaphylactic shock. It is also common practice among gamers not to let sweat accumulate on their fingers because it could affect their control over the game’s controls; however excessive sweating should be wiped off with hand sanitizer instead of allowing it to build up on fingers as they will likely only feel slippery when wet with perspiration after a period of time making it hard for them to hold onto objects in real life as well as control a video game controller properly.

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