How To Keep Your Hands From Sweating When Holding Hands?

”, “does the Bible say how many kids you should have?” and so on.

For me it seems to be more about having an alternative perspective than one of my own. I am simply there to give advice or share a story based off my life experiences with them, but not for any other reason. Even just once in awhile it would be nice if someone could ask something they normally don’t ask their parents “what do you think about…” instead of asking their parent directly. It is almost like people are afraid that if they bring up an idea they might get into trouble or scolded by family members for bringing up what everyone else thinks is wrong or evil (or some other sort of pointless issue). Well guess what? If no one ever brings anything up at all then nothing will ever change! We need to stop being afraid of voicing our thoughts because we hold back from saying things only because others may not agree with our beliefs system. They can always choose to listen to us when we express ourselves! If people are worried that expressing their opinions will cause them problems then try telling your family member exactly why you feel that way instead of hiding behind words like “I know this isn’t right/good/moral/ethical…etc.. but I disagree so please accept my opinion even though I did not come out and tell you this directly…etc.. You see where I am going here?! Fear has gotten so far out-

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