How To Keep Your Hair From Sweating Out While Exercising?

The answer is to use a product called “re-style” by Goldwell. This product has been used to protect hair during various outdoor activities such as skiing, skating and mountain biking. The best part about this product is that it protects the hair from water damage while still allowing air circulation for ventilation which will not cause your scalp to overheat like other products on the market today. Therefore, you do not need to worry about damaging your hair when exercising outdoors in hot weather conditions.

When I first heard of re-style (all caps because I don’t know how else one can say it), I felt like it was some kind of miracle cure, but after doing my research afterwards overall, I am impressed with how well this product works! And what’s great about this stuff is that once applied onto wet or dry hair without any heat styling involved, then all you need to do afterward is brush out the excess residue left behind on your head/scalp so there should be no mess at all! Here’s an example:

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