How To Keep Your Feet From Sweating?

Dr. Oz: I have a feeling that our next guest is going to be so excited about this one, you’re going to want him on the show again and again! Fredrik Ekblad is a 15-year-old Canadian hockey player who was born with an extremely rare condition called ectodermal dysplasia, which means he doesn’t sweat properly. He suffers from severe hyperhidrosis which means his hands and feet get uncomfortable hot very quickly. What can we do?

Fredrik is such an engaging young man — we enjoyed talking with him as much as we enjoyed hearing about his condition.

Dr. Oz: So you don’t sweat at all up your arms or legs, but it starts really early in life — like before you even start kindergarten? Is there anything different about how children deal with their sweaty palms than they do when they are older?

Fredrik: Yes! Up until now I just wiped my face and hands with Kleenexes, but then some people started making fun of me for having wet gloves whenever I went outside playing sports … so my mom said she would buy me special gloves that would dry instantly, but those never worked either because no matter how often we sprayed them down they still got sweaty. And also the problem wasn’t only my arms or fingers getting sweaty; sometimes my whole hand would be sweating huge amounts of water and usually I’d try to wash it off before eating something

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