How To Keep Your Balls From Sweating?

The best way to keep your balls from sweating is to wear a cock ring. Cock rings are designed for exactly that purpose, and they do it very well.

How big of a cock ring should I get? What size? Who cares! You can never have too many fun places on your body. Just buy the largest one you’re comfortable with, and stick it on there until you get used to it (which might take some time). Once you become accustomed to wearing it, try out different sizes and see which one fits you best. That will be your new favorite cock ring! Why is my penis getting smaller when I put on a condom?! It’s not really happening . Most people think that putting a condom over their erect penis somehow shrinks or changes its dimensions in any way whatsoever, but this simply isn’t true. There are two reasons why most guys believe something like this: 1) They’ve been told by someone else that condoms shrink penises down – but there’s no scientific evidence showing this actually happens; 2) The growing number of guys who claim “I’m going without protection all the time now because my dick got so small after I started using them” has led others astray into believing what they’ve heard instead of doing research themselves… But let’s look at both theories in detail here: Myth #1: Putting A Condom On Your Penis Causes It To Shrink In Size People tend to dramatically underestimate how big their own genital

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