How To Keep Your Armpits From Sweating So Much?

Q: I sweat like crazy at my armpits, and it is driving me nuts. What can I do to control this?

A: Here are two tricks for dealing with excessive sweating in your armpit area (which is called hyperhidrosis): Keep the underarms dry by not wearing deodorants or antiperspirants there; apply antiperspirant/deodorant only on other parts of the body—or don’t use any until you get used to having no secret scent all over your own underarms!

What about getting rid of excess hair? That doesn’t seem easy when you have just one pit to shave!


The following techniques will help keep both men and women from getting razor burn. If you find that shaving causes irritation, try these tips before trying anything new. Also see “How Can I Prevent Razor Burn?” below.

1. Start slow if your skin is sensitive or thin-skinned (see here). Use a light touch when applying shaving cream or gel, then let the product sink into the skin for a few seconds before beginning to stroke smoothly down toward the end of each leg. This will give time for capillaries to open up so that less blood rushes out during an ordinary shave without causing pain or redness later on. You may need three passes across areas prone to burning if they tend

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