How To Keep My Underarms From Sweating?

How to keep my underarms from sweating? [ ] Hide Answers [ ] Show All Answers Here are the answers to some questions many of our customers have been asking about this condition. It is a normal part of life, and there are several things you can do to help it. There are medicines available that will reduce the amount your sweat glands secrete into your skin, but they don’t work well enough for most people. The best treatment that has been proven over time is one called Pheradryl (also known as Terasol). This medicine works by blocking both types of sweat gland – apocrine and eccrine – so your body cannot secrete these secretions into the skin below where you apply the medication. Your doctor may also recommend other treatments such as antiperspirants or creams for mild cases or medications alone for severe cases if he/she feels they would be better than nothing at all. In order to get rid of this problem completely, your doctor will probably suggest changing what you wear regularly throughout the day in an effort to control any excessive sweating caused by anxiety or hot weather changes that cause stress on your body’s systems including those involved with controlling perspiration.

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