How To Keep My Hands From Sweating?

” and, “what should I do about the fact that my hands sweat when I play jazz music?” Here are some tips to help you.

First, let me say this: it is not good for your hands to keep them in a sweaty state all of the time. When playing an instrument like guitar or piano, we want our fingers and hands to be dry because we need them working properly with no slackness or sponginess between each fingerboard position. It’s also important that your skin isn’t so moist that you have friction burn on your palms—that can lead to serious injury down the road! And if you use any kind of grease during practice sessions it will only make things worse by making skin more oily than usual…which is exactly what happens when people who do manual labor wear gloves most of the day! So just remember two easy rules: 1) Keep your fingernails short enough so they don’t hit string/piano keys, but long enough so they don’t dig into warm fleshy palms; 2) Don’t put anything near your fingertips except for water-based lube. You’ll know when you’ve gone too far when small blisters appear on either side of each finger’s knuckle joints (the place where one finger connects with another…see left photo). Also avoid putting stuff in front of third knuckles–they’re especially sensitive there! If these symptoms persist or become unbearable

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