How To Keep My Feet From Sweating?

I’m a big guy and I sweat a lot, especially in the summer. My feet tend to be really sweaty when they get hot from running or hiking. To keep them from sweating too much inside my shoes, here are some tips that have worked for me:

First of all, buy good quality socks with moisture wicking properties (such as CoolMax) to help your feet stay dryer. These socks even work great for cycling! They will also perform better than cheap disposable sports socks while you’re out on the trail. Another thing that has helped is putting Vaseline or another petroleum jelly inside my shoe before I put it on so that it absorbs some of the excess moisture while I run/hike. Also, use an anti-microbial spray like Skin So Soft around your toes and heels so every time you take off your shoes at night they won’t stink up your whole apartment floor!! Finally, wear two pairs of socks if possible because one pair can sometimes soak up more moisture than needed by day 3…see tip #1 above! 🙂

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