How To Keep Ice Packs From Sweating?

Ice packs should be stored in a place that is not too warm and will never exceed room temperature. If kept at room temperature, ice packs can sweat or leak, which can cause bacteria growth on the surface of the ice pack. Even though it may feel cold to you when placing an ice pack on your skin, it could actually be warmer than the surrounding air!

What are some ways to use an ice pack?

You can apply an icy compress directly onto painful areas such as strained muscles or joints. You may also apply this method for minor injuries such as sprains and bruises. To do so:

1) Remove bandage from injured area if necessary; 2) Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water; 3) Fill a plastic bag approximately four inches deep with cold tap water (or preferably distilled water); 4) Add one ounce of salt into 1/2 cup of cool tap water until dissolved completely; 5) Pour mixture over both hands before submerging them in the cool water [Note: This method works best by pre-cooling the body’s core first]; 6)…

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