How To Keep Head From Sweating?

I have a long, thick neck and I find that my head sweats a lot. Is there anything I can do to keep it from sweating?

Answer: People with a very long neck tend to overheat their heads because the air has less room around the skull than in other parts of the body. The solution is simple, if uncomfortable: If you take off your hat or cap when you go indoors, you will help prevent overheating by allowing more air circulation to cool your scalp. Also remember to drink plenty of liquids so as not to dehydrate yourself.

How does blood pressure affect headaches?

My headache usually starts about an hour after eating and lasts for hours; however, once I stop eating it goes away much sooner than usual (within half an hour). Most times my headache comes on during stressful situations such as conversations or arguments with family members or friends where we disagree about personal issues like politics and religion; however, sometimes these things aren’t even mentioned at all but still cause me pain. My headaches always occur on weekdays between 11 A.M.-1 P.M., unless they happen before then (maybe because of visitors coming over). One day last year my father came home early from work complaining that his whole body was hurting him severely due to stress and he had gone straight upstairs without dinner until we could talk calmly about what was bothering him at work – he said that his headache finally went away after this conversation! What causes this kind of problem

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