How To Keep Glasses From Slipping When Sweating?

how to keep glasses from slipping when sweating? Glasses in the gym, in cars or at work will always be exposed to sweat. When working out, wearing sports sunglasses is an easy way of reducing glare and preventing eye fatigue. But if you prefer not to wear them during exercise it may seem even more important that you find ways of keeping your eyeglasses safely in place while working out. One solution is by using a sweat band to keep your glasses on your head when exercising. There are several different types including ones made with rubber (which can get old quickly) and others which use elastic bands (but these often end up coming off). Another option for outdoor activities like hiking or biking is very simple: just attach one end of a lanyard that has two rings on both ends through the nose bridge of your eyeglasses, then wrap the other ring around the inside rim between lens and frame (see image below). This keeps everything securely positioned over eyebrows without having any pressure applied directly to temples or earlobes; this also prevents movement caused by swinging arms while jogging or pedaling away from tree branches! For best results pull one side close enough so there’s no danger of losing it all together but far enough apart so they don’t rub against eyelashes when walking around… To prevent damaging lenses, consider putting a piece of tape across each top button hole instead – some people have reported success with this method as well[1][2]. [1] http://

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